Using Terraform Cloud Webhook with Google Cloud Logging


Tutorial to emit Terraform Cloud webhook events to Google Cloud Logging.

This repo isn’t anything groundbreaking but just goes through the steps to setup terraform webhook such that they they appear in GCP Cloud Logging as Structured logs.

One the logs are in GCP, you can export them to BQ or re-emit them as pubsub messages to kick off any secondary workflows.

The architecture is basic:

(user or CI/CD) triggers plan/apply –> Terraform Cloud –> Cloud Run –> Cloud Logging

Cloud Run will:

  • Accept only requests that carry the valid HMAC-SHA256 that was configured in Terraform
  • Convert the Terraform JSON Payload to a GCP Structured log and emit them to its own log type.

This repo is not supported by Google

You can find the source here


Its assumed you already have a Terraform Cloud account setup as well as a GCP project.

This tutorial will setup cloud run, cloud logging, terraform cloud which is triggered manually (or automatic) to run a basic terraform template.

NOTE, this repo uses Terraform 0.13.0

Create Service Account for Cloud run

$ export PROJECT_ID=`gcloud config get-value core/project`
$ gcloud iam service-accounts create tf-run-server --display-name "Service Account for Cloud Run"
$ gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding $PROJECT_ID \
   --member=serviceAccount:tf-run-server@$ \

Build and Deploy Cloud RUn

First edit server.go and update the HMAC password to whatever you want

const (
  key               = "password1"

build and deploy

docker build -t$PROJECT_ID/tfevent .

gcloud beta run deploy tfevent \
  --image$PROJECT_ID/tfevent  \
  --allow-unauthenticated \
  --region us-central1  --platform=managed 

Note, we are deploying cloud run without authentication enabled. We’re doing this because Terraform Cloud does not support the same auth mechanism Run uses (OIDC) but instead its HMAC-SHA512 (see Notification Authenticity)

Once you deploy, copy the Cloud Run URL.

Configure Terraform Cloud for Webhook

  1. Configure a Workspace in Terraform Cloud

In the following example, its default-workspace. Set the Terraform Working Directory the path under the source. In my case, its hello_world.


The git repo used for this tutorial has has the terraform files under the hello_world directory. (the script doesn’t do anything, really (see for your self))

$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

$ tree
├── hello_world
│   └──
  1. Set version control source

In the following, i used the git repo here on master branch


  1. Configure Notifications

    Setup a Notification with the URL of the Cloud Run instance and the HMAC passphrase you used. Specify the


  2. Trigger

    In the following, the trigger was a “Plan” that was triggered manually.

Verify Cloud Logging

The trigger should have called cloud run. You can check that cloud run was called by checking Run logs.

However, this application will reemit the payload it receives from Terraform as structured logs to a custom resource_type called generic_task.

To see structured logs for Terraform, navigate to Generic Task logs in cloud logging. You should see all the various events emitted:



In this case Cloud Run parsed the terraform event and resent it to Cloud Logging. You can easily emit other types of data such as Pub/Sub, Cloud Task or even as a Cloud Event downstream (see example here)

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