GCP Quota and Cost Distribution between Projects


Simple gRPC interceptors that will distribute GCP API quota (and costs) between N projects.

I wrote this up just as a hack that spreads short-term quota limits (eg, requests/second) between N different projects.

The example here uses PubSub but the requests/second here isn’t even relevant or is so high to not make a difference (see PubSub Quota)

You could use this for gRPC GCP APIs where you want to control which projects consume quota at the per rpc level.

The need to do that should be very rare…if you just want to distribute load, you should just use option.WithQuotaProject() at the client level (not per-rpc)

Anyway, if you’ve read this so far…but i should say

This repo is not supported by Google

you can find the sourcecode here: GCP Quota and Cost Distribution between Projects

in code, use module "github.com/salrashid123/quota_shard"

and set the interceptors directly when constructing the client

var (
	projectID     = "qprojecta"
	quotaProjects = []string{"qprojectb", "qprojectc"}

	ctx := context.Background()
	client, err := pubsub.NewClient(ctx, projectID, option.WithGRPCDialOption(grpc.WithUnaryInterceptor(quota.NewQuotaUnaryHandler(&quota.QuotaHandlerConfig{
		Projects: quotaProjects,
	}))), option.WithGRPCDialOption(grpc.WithStreamInterceptor(quota.NewQuotaStreamingHandler(&quota.QuotaHandlerConfig{
		Projects: quotaProjects,
	if err != nil {
		fmt.Printf("Could not create pubsub Client: %v", err)

If you want to set this individually per rpc:

	newCtx := context.WithValue(ctx, quota.ClientMetadataKey(quota.QuotaProjectKey), "PROJECT_B")
	topics := client.Topics(newCtx)
	for {
		topic, err := topics.Next()
		if err == iterator.Done {
		if err != nil {
			fmt.Printf("Error listing topics %v", err)

Example Setup

If your ADC is using user credentials, the first step is to remove the quota_project_id value in the ADC config if you are using your own user-login

$ more ~/.config/gcloud/application_default_credentials.json
  "client_id": "...",
  "client_secret": "",
  "quota_project_id": "...",
  "refresh_token": "",
  "type": "authorized_user"

This is simply due to a bug in our google-auth golang library: it always ignores metadata overrides you specify in code and instead uses the value in this file.


Create three projects: A,B,C

gcloud auth application-default login
export USER=`gcloud config get-value core/account`

# enable the api on all the projects involved
gcloud services enable pubsub.googleapis.com --project $PROJECT_A
gcloud services enable pubsub.googleapis.com --project $PROJECT_B
gcloud services enable pubsub.googleapis.com --project $PROJECT_C

# create a topic in projectA
gcloud pubsub topics create topic_A --project $PROJECT_A

# allow the adc user/service account access to list topics
gcloud projects  add-iam-policy-binding   --role=roles/pubsub.viewer   --member=user:$USER  $PROJECT_A

# allow the current user to use the project_b and project_c
gcloud projects  add-iam-policy-binding   --role=roles/serviceusage.serviceUsageConsumer   --member=user:$USER  $PROJECT_B
gcloud projects  add-iam-policy-binding   --role=roles/serviceusage.serviceUsageConsumer   --member=user:$USER  $PROJECT_C

# if using user credentials, run the following and remember to remove the `quota_project_id`
gcloud auth application-default login

If you run this in a loop, you’ll see A does not consume any quota but B and C do

  • Project_A images/project_a.png

  • Project_B images/project_b.png

  • Project_C images/project_c.png

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