perito moreno

i’m sal…an ex-solutions architect at google covering wide variety of topics ranging from kubernetes, GCP’s serverless suite, networking, security, system integration and client library usability. i spent the last 13 years here working in various technical roles and the last 6 or 7 years in cloud.

prior to that, i was at the federal reserve, grad school (at a very cold but gorges ithaca in upstate newyork), telecom consulting, ticket scalping, patent researching…I’m an editor of the google cloud blog over at Medium but here you can find me writing about things i’ve wanted to learn or explore or fall in the middle. I’m a proud husband and co-owner of our CBD-addled cat, Gigi.

the picture above is from perito moreno glacier, patagonia; visit there if you can someday.
the picture below is this blogs namesake (go there too. .to the end of the alley and then on the right at a place called Tight. say hi to kimura and fumie-san for me)