GCP Developers Missing Manual


This chapter contains a series of articles covering about how you can use Google Cloud’s SDK for various uncommon tasks.

Most of the time, Google Cloud makes it easy to find the right snippet or pattern for a task at hand. For example, if you wan to download a file from GCS, a simple search will lead you to the developers page for Cloud Storage and from there the specific api and usage is shown in multiple languages. Its more or less a copy and paste from there for basic usage and getting started.

Occasionally you may need to extend your code to uncommon tasks like integrating a proxy server or manually managing a Long Running Operation. These are not necessarily product-specific tasks but agnostic enough that doing these just didn’t fit into documentation clearly enough or benefit sufficiently from discoverability (e.g. you need to know what a long running operation is to even code against it). These one-off seemingly easy tasks can take hours to find the specific incantation needed (it consistently takes me that long).

The intent of the articles below is to show in various languages how to achieve these tasks and background information about SDK libraries and authentication…It should save you hours of digging around.

There are many TODO’s for documentation as well as corresponding code snippets.

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