Cloud Run Eventarc using Cloud Events SDK


This is a sample Cloud Run and standalone application that uses the Cloud Events SDK to process Eventarc messages.

Basically a http listener deployable to cloud run and a standalone pubsub client that uses the Events SDK to do the following with Eventarc:

  1. GCS AuditLogs -> Topic -> Push -> Cloud Run (Cloud Events HTTP Client)
  2. GCS AuditLogs -> Topic -> Pull -> CloudEvents PubSub Client
  3. GCS ObjectChange -> Eventarc PubSub Topic --> Push -> Cloud Run
  4. CloudEvents Publisher Client -> Topic -> Push -> Cloud Run (Cloud Events HTTP Client)
  5. CloudEvents Publisher Client -> Topic -> CloudEvents subscriber

Cloud Events SDK offers convenient handlers that allow unmarshalling inbound messages:

event.DataAs(obj interface{})

For example, if i wanted to unmarshall an inbound Pubsub Push message from google cloud, i’d use

    pubsubv1 "github.com/googleapis/google-cloudevents-go/cloud/pubsub/v1"
		pubsubData := &pubsubv1.MessagePublishedData{}
		if err := event.DataAs(pubsubData); err != nil {
			fmt.Printf("DataAs Error %v", err)
			return err

		fmt.Printf("Pubsub Message  %s\n", string(pubsubData.Message.Data))

or AudiLogs

5/28/21 Note, the sample application uses parses inbound AuditLog events using "google.golang.org/api/logging/v2" as shown below

logging "google.golang.org/api/logging/v2"

		auditData := &logging.LogEntry{}
		if err := event.DataAs(auditData); err != nil {

Ideally, it should be parsed using cloudevents directly

auditv1 "github.com/googleapis/google-cloudevents-go/cloud/audit/v1"

		auditData := &auditv1.LogEntryData{}
		if err := event.DataAs(auditData); err != nil {

but there seems to be a compatibility issue: Cannot unmarshall logEntry.Severity

Cloud Events SDK also provides a ready-made transport helpers that listen for HTTP requests and manage pubsub push/pull messages for you.
For example, if you want to startup a Cloud Events HTTP helper:

    cloudevents "github.com/cloudevents/sdk-go/v2"
    pscontext "github.com/cloudevents/sdk-go/protocol/pubsub/v2/context"
func Receive(ctx context.Context, event cloudevents.Event) error {
func main() {
	c, err := cloudevents.NewDefaultClient()
	err = c.StartReceiver(context.Background(), Receive)

or Pubsub Client

func sendMsg(msg string, projectID, topicID string) error {
	t, err := cepubsub.New(context.Background(),
		cepubsub.WithTopicID(topicID), cepubsub.AllowCreateSubscription(false))

	c, err := cloudevents.NewClient(t, cloudevents.WithTimeNow(), cloudevents.WithUUIDs())

	event := cloudevents.NewEvent()
	_ = event.SetData(cloudevents.ApplicationJSON, p.PubsubMessage{
		Data: msg,

	if result := c.Send(context.Background(), event); cloudevents.IsUndelivered(result) {
		log.Printf("failed to send: %v\n", err)
	} else {
		log.Printf("sent, accepted: %t\n", cloudevents.IsACK(result))
	return nil

You can find the source here



The following will setup the whole system…In the end, you’ll end up with several PubSub Topics, Subscriptions and several Eventarc configurations


export PROJECT_ID=`gcloud config get-value core/project`
export PROJECT_NUMBER=`gcloud projects describe $PROJECT_ID --format='value(projectNumber)'`

gcloud config set run/region us-central1
gcloud config set run/platform managed
gcloud config set eventarc/location us-central1

gcloud services enable run.googleapis.com eventarc.googleapis.com logging.googleapis.com cloudbuild.googleapis.com

gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding $PROJECT_ID \
    --member=serviceAccount:$PROJECT_NUMBER-compute@developer.gserviceaccount.com \

Deploy Cloud Run

cd app/
gcloud builds submit --tag gcr.io/$PROJECT_ID/run-events .

gcloud run deploy cr-events --image gcr.io/$PROJECT_ID/run-events --allow-unauthenticated --platform managed --region us-central1

1. GCS AuditLogs -> Topic -> Push -> Cloud Run (Cloud Events HTTP Client)

$ gcloud beta eventarc attributes types list

$ gcloud beta eventarc  attributes service-names list --type=google.cloud.audit.log.v1.written

$ gcloud beta eventarc  attributes method-names list  --type=google.cloud.audit.log.v1.written --service-name=storage.googleapis.com

gsutil mb -l us-central1 gs://events-bucket-1-$PROJECT_ID

gcloud eventarc triggers create events-trigger-1 \
    --destination-run-service=cr-events \
    --destination-run-region=us-central1 \
    --event-filters="type=google.cloud.audit.log.v1.written" \
    --event-filters="serviceName=storage.googleapis.com" \
    --event-filters="resourceName=projects/_/buckets/events-bucket-1-$PROJECT_ID" \
    --event-filters="methodName=storage.buckets.update" \
gsutil defstorageclass set nearline gs://events-bucket-1-$PROJECT_ID


2. GCS AuditLogs -> Topic -> Pull -> CloudEvents PubSub Client

for AuditLog

$ gcloud pubsub topics list
    goog-eventarc: ''
    - us-central1
    name: projects/eventarc-test/topics/eventarc-us-central1-events-trigger-1-349

gcloud pubsub subscriptions create audit-sub-1 --topic=eventarc-us-central1-events-trigger-1-349 --topic-project=$PROJECT_ID 
cd pubsub
go run main.go --mode subscribe --projectID=$PROJECT_ID  --subID  audit-sub-1
gsutil defstorageclass set standard gs://events-bucket-1-$PROJECT_ID
go run main.go --mode subscribe --projectID=$PROJECT_ID  --subID  audit-sub-1
    2021/05/28 07:40:50 Event Context: Context Attributes,
    specversion: 1.0
    type: google.cloud.audit.log.v1.written
    source: //cloudaudit.googleapis.com/projects/eventarc-test/logs/activity
    subject: storage.googleapis.com/projects/_/buckets/events-bucket-1-eventarc-test
    id: projects/eventarc-test/logs/cloudaudit.googleapis.com%2Factivity-mgjofydl97u1622202047409042
    time: 2021-05-28T11:40:48.409515643Z
    dataschema: https://googleapis.github.io/google-cloudevents/jsonschema/google/events/cloud/audit/v1/LogEntryData.json
    datacontenttype: application/json; charset=utf-8
    methodname: storage.buckets.update
    recordedtime: 2021-05-28T11:40:47.409042639Z
    resourcename: projects/_/buckets/events-bucket-1-eventarc-test
    servicename: storage.googleapis.com

    2021/05/28 07:40:50 Protocol Context: Transport Context,

    2021/05/28 07:40:50 projects/eventarc-test/logs/cloudaudit.googleapis.com%2Factivity-mgjofydl97u1622202047409042
    2021/05/28 07:40:50 Audit v ResourceName NOTICE


3. GCS ObjectChange -> EventTrac PubSub –> (Push[Cloud Run])

$ gcloud beta eventarc triggers create gcs-pubsub-trigger-1  \
    --destination-run-service=cr-events   --destination-run-region=us-central1 \
    Creating trigger [gcs-pubsub-trigger-1] in project [eventarc-test], location [us-central1]...done.                                                                                                                 
    Created Pub/Sub topic [projects/eventarc-test/topics/eventarc-us-central1-gcs-pubsub-trigger-1-214].
    Publish to this topic to receive events in Cloud Run service [cr-events].
$ gsutil notification create -t eventarc-us-central1-gcs-pubsub-trigger-1-214 -f json gs://events-bucket-1-$PROJECT_ID/

echo -n fobaaaare > /tmp/file1.txt
gsutil cp /tmp/file1.txt gs://events-bucket-1-$PROJECT_ID/

View push event to Cloud Run logs

4. Pubsub Publisher -> Topic -> Push -> Cloud Run (Cloud Events HTTP Client)

gcloud pubsub topics create event-topic-1

gcloud eventarc triggers create pubsub-trigger-1 \
  --destination-run-service=cr-events  \
  --destination-run-region=us-central1 \
  --event-filters="type=google.cloud.pubsub.topic.v1.messagePublished"  \

gcloud pubsub topics publish event-topic-1 --message="Hello there"


5. CloudEvents Publisher -> Topic -> CloudEvents subscriber

gcloud pubsub topics create ce-event-topic
gcloud pubsub subscriptions create ce-event-sub --topic=ce-event-topic

go run main.go --mode subscribe --projectID=$PROJECT_ID  --subID ce-event-sub

go run main.go --mode publish --message fooo --projectID=$PROJECT_ID --topicID=ce-event-topic
$ go run main.go --mode subscribe --projectID=$PROJECT_ID  --subID ce-event-sub
    2021/05/28 07:43:41 Created client, listening...
    2021/05/28 07:44:56 Event Context: Context Attributes,
    specversion: 1.0
    type: com.google.cloud.pubsub.topic.publish
    source: github.com/cloudevents/sdk-go/samples/pubsub/sender/
    id: c0d661ad-dc9f-4423-9055-a089a6e07d75
    time: 2021-05-28T11:44:55.402268646Z
    datacontenttype: application/json

    2021/05/28 07:44:56 Protocol Context: Transport Context,

    2021/05/28 07:44:56 c0d661ad-dc9f-4423-9055-a089a6e07d75
    2021/05/28 07:44:56 Pubsub PubsubMessage fooo

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